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Have a really noob question.

wghat is better/why.

ATI's 4890 or Nvidia's 285

and if they are close in performance why am i paying almost 100 dollars more for nvidia
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  1. the Nvidia 285 is better (see the linked review) at higher resolutions

    but the real answer is Nvidia spends more money on marketing so that expense is passed on to you
  2. well the stock 4890 competes with the gtx 275 but you will need the black edition which is overclocked to 1000MHZ(or you can overclock it by yourself to 1000MHZ)for the 4890 to compete with the gtx 285
  3. Right now I am running 2x 4870's in CF.

    If I have the option to get a 285 is that a better descion?
  4. Out of the box the 285 is faster...

    2x 4870's should destroy a single 285 if the 4870's are 1GB mem each.
  5. 2x 4870's in CF... :O

    You should hold on till the next-gen cards arrive...That is the best upgrade for you...
  6. Depends if you will use it to watch porn or not! :kaola:
  7. ravsimvan said:
    Depends if you will use it to watch porn or not! :kaola:


    This is not a porn forum nor we encourage it

    I reccomend you take your childish comments elseware, we are trying to help peeps with their computers.

    If your video card lets you watch porn at 60 FPS then good for you......
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