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I'm using Huawei E1550 with windows 7. after disconnecting, device cannot be safely removed. This device is also identified as a CD rom by the system. How to solve?
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  1. Did the wifi adapter come with a driver disk?
    Did you install the disk prior to plugging in the adapter?
    Are you using windows wireless configuration utility or other
  2. The same happen to me. It identify it as CD-ROM only after installing VMware Workstation 7 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. What I sould do.
    When I install VMware Workstation, it return to work well.
    What is the confilct between E1550 and VMware Workstation ?
  3. Sorry, When I uninstall VMware Workstation, it return to work well.
  4. Hi - I have a real problem getting it to work with VMware workstation on the computer. I will not uninstall vmware workstation but instead I think it is simply to buy a device like the huawei e5830 mifi which plugs in the wall the create a wifi network from the 3g allowing to connect a wmware machine the same way you would connect to any wifi. I sent a complaint to huawei as well. Hope they will do something...
  5. what about for windows 7 home basic 32bit? i'm having similar problem with my e1550. it can't be safely remove because some unknown program still running (when i've already closed all my program). my windows explorer also works way slower when the modem is plugged
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    try using external usb manager "USB safe remove" or "Zentimo Storage Manager"
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  8. frozenmask said:
    try using external usb manager "USB safe remove" or "Zentimo Storage Manager"
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