Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 Cooling

I just bought this card from newegg: and I was looking to buy something to cool it down but I am not very educated in the area of video card cooling does anybody have any suggestions that i may take a look at?

my setuP:
Phenom II 940 3.0 GHz
Asus m4a78-e
2gb 1066 gskill ram
500 gb WD Black HDD
RP550-2 550 watt rosewill PS
Logisys Area 51 Case
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  1. Are you planning to OverClock it?
  2. hadn't really planned on it just wanted something decent to keep temps down
  3. its normal for it to run around 80C... if you don't mind noise just increase the fan speed
  4. any idea what i would buy if i wanted to cool it even further though
  5. before investing in trying to cool the gpu more (if you really want to do this, watercooling would be what you want though from what it looks like, out of your price range)
    i would get a new PSU, the rosewill's have worked flawlessly in the past for me, but really are not that good, i would recommend the Corsair 550w
  6. Mine got very warm. Up to around 85C-90C. It started to get really loud. The fan would rev up when it got hot. I blew it out with air duster, tried to do the manual fan thing. Got tired of it, sold it, bought a different card. Overall, it was a great card. If I still had it, I would put 2 more in my case and have 3 4850s on my motherboard. I don't, so I can only dream..
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