What are some good ati cards

hey gonna built a pc and need help picking out ati card since im mostly nvidia fan i dont kno much bout ati. But so far ima have the amd phenom 2 x4 940 cpu and not sure what motherboard yet but at some point i want to have crossfire. So for now im looking for a ati card for about 100 130 bucks.
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  1. 4770, 4850, 4870
  2. At that range, HD4770 and downwards.. i think..
  3. maybe i can go up to 150
  4. ^ For $150 -> 4870 1GB
    For $130 -> 4870 512MB
  5. what resolution do you play at? if you have a 19-inch monitor, go for the 512MB card, if higher than 22-inch, go for the 1GB card. Or, if you plan on getting a new monitor anytime soon, get the 1GB card. All of these being the 4870 of course. If you want to spens $200.00, get the 4890...
  6. I play at 1024*768 resolution because its the highest my monitor supports. Please tell me an Ati HD 4670 will be fine for me to play at that resolution . Will i be able to play crisis , GTA 4 , upcoming splinter cell conviction , Max Payne 3, and Alan wake.
  7. yeah i play at 1440x900 on 19in i never really got to play at that res cuz my pc to slow. But you all would go with the 4870 right its a good card
  8. 4870 all day, go with the 1GB model if you can, i went with Sapphire and it's nice...
  9. alright thanks i looked at the charts and the 4870 comes up at the top, good *** also is the fan loud or does the card heat up alot any problems like that.
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