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Ok I am in desperate need of help. I have a freakishly long essay to do in one of my classes at the university of phoenix. All my work is stored in my computer, and my computer took a huge S#@% on me.
Fist off I got an error saying "USB Over Current Status Detected, Computer will shut down in 15 seconds." after that my computer shut down and wouldn't turn on. So i disconnected the front usb ports and my computer turned on. As my computer started to rev up, I saw that there was no signal on my monitor. I jiggled the cord and tried reconnecting the the monitor, but nothing was showing up. I also noticed that my usb Keyboard was not lighting up either. Though i only disconnected the front usb ports, it somehow made my back ones not function as well. If i reconnect my front usb ports back in, my computer doesnt even turn on, it must be short circuited somehow.
I really need help. My report is due on Thursday and I need someone to help m solve this problem asap. Thank you for looking into my problem.
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  1. go to the library or something and type it there
    anyway, ;eave the front ubs ports out and usea ps2 keyboard/mouse etc. try booting it up without anything in any usb port
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