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My first time installing components. I felt I had read every guide and watched every video, but I've hit a snag installing the cooler. Basically, the screws are too far off the motherboard standoffs. If I screw one side of an arm in, I can't even get the other side of the arm to touch it's standoff. I've posted a pic of what I'm looking at. Thanks for any help.

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  1. If your board is 1155 (Is that Asus P8P67Pro?), put the screw on the 1156 hole it will fit. Just follow your manual guide and be careful in tightening those screws.
  2. that doesn't look like the p8p67 pro. there are too many DIMMs (the pro has only 4 DIMMs)

  3. It's an AM3+ board, and from everything I've read it should work. It's not that the screws don't align, it's that they are too far above the motherboard. I can't get the screws to reach the standoffs
  4. The screws are spring loaded. Just screw them in, the springs will compress and it'll work.

    I do notice, by the picture you supplied, that you may be aligning the HSF poorly. It's generally recommended that the fan blows air to the back of the case (unless you have a system that is turned 90 degrees, like the Silverstone Hawk enclosure).
  5. I don't remember which way I had the HSF aligned as I took the picture. I was trying it both orientations to see if that was the issue. My intent was always to blow air out the back.

    I guess this issue should be marked solved. As I started again this morning the spring and screws on the retention rod flew apart. Packed it up and sending it back
  6. Maybe because you are installing the cooler in the wrong way? That AMD mobo that you have can handle the Hyper 212+ without problems, but doesn't wait that screws adjust or fit himself, you will need use a little pressure.
  7. I think the brackets not in the hole properly.
  8. The cooler isn't in the proper way, so, the retention bracket can't open enough for fit in the screws in the standoffs
  9. saint19 said:
    The cooler isn't in the proper way, so, the retention bracket can't open enough for fit in the screws in the standoffs

    While it does look to be pointed the wrong way, you can pull out the bracket, and put it in so it can align properly, but I agree, it should be pointed the other way.
  10. Looking again i think the screws are in the inner holes instead of the outer, then looking again i'm still not sure. Anyway you are the master of 212+ installation so I am sure your right, sorry this this unneeded confusion.
  11. Any advice is welcome simon12, the screws should go in the middle holes.
  12. Oh ya, one thing about the 212+ is there is a notch in the cross section of the bracket, that when it's opened and aligned properly, just fits the peg, which should face the top of your case. If it's not aligned right, it can cause the bracket to be about 1/16" further away from the standoffs.
  13. i have the same cooler, oriented the same way and had the same non issue. tighten one a turn, then tighten the one cattycorner from it a turn. then give the other two their turn, advance in the same pattern half a turn per screw til it is all snug. mine has been running grat for two years. plus i even put a huge ass 3500 rpm fan on it (i am not bothered by a noisie computer, makes me think it is earning its keep)
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