TA790GXE 128M won't post

Okay, second board, same brand (biostar), same model, same problem. No peripherals connected, not even the processor, 500W antec psu, board only flashes its onboard LEDs once and then dies. No PSU fan, no USB lights, nothing. The first one I RMAd to newegg, but I REALLY don't wanna hafta wait for another couple of weeks for another RMA (not to mention this ain't my first rodeo, and this problem has got me licked). So does ANYBODY have any idea what's up? Have you run into this, and if so, what's the fix? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. The board will not post without the processor installed.
    If you tested the other board the same way you sent back a good board.
  2. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/97744-30-motherboards
    Buy the way when you do install the processor the fan must me attached as well and the 4/8 pin cpu power connector and the power good switch on the motherboard panel, and memory and http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/97744-30-motherboards
    Say Magell are you still working over there at Three-mile Island?
  3. Okay, let me be more pacific...the first one I completely assembled (processor, RAM, drives, etc.) and when I powered it on, I got a continuous whine that went on even with piece by piece disassembly (yes, I powered it off between removals). So I sent it back. This one, I installed the CPU (with fan attached and plugged in) and RAM and PSU only. No whine this time, but no power either. The PSU has been checked and is pushing needed voltages. Only thing I can think of is the CPU is a quad which I have found the mobo needs a bios update for. I am going to install the CPU with fan and RAM tonight and see if I can flash the bios. Like I said before, this ain't my first rodeo but this problem has my frustration level a little high. Thanks again for the help in advance.
  4. Okay, I'm in front of my mobo as I type this with the CPU connected and one stick of 2G memory. I have the 24 pin PSU plug in and the 4 pin also connected. Still nothing. Help?
  5. If this board needs to be flashed for the quad, you will need another proccy to do the flash. Its always nice to have a spare around.

    I would check with friends to see if they have something that could help.
  6. btw you didn't mention what cpu you were using. I know I had to flash my bios before I could use my PHII X4 940. I am using Biostar TA790gx A2+
  7. buzznut said:
    btw you didn't mention what cpu you were using. I know I had to flash my bios before I could use my PHII X4 940. I am using Biostar TA790gx A2+

    And that, sir, answers everything. Thanks for the help. I have the same CPU.
  8. Went back and looked at approximate release date, Since early March people have bought this board with the 940 cpu and not had to worry about bios to start up. It would seem logical it's not bios related based on that. Did notice some people had problem with the paddle card for Video Pci-e lane control and the fact that the lower 16x slot is primary not the top one which is customary. One party stated they removed the card to get the system running. I don't know much about those paddle cards other than they alter the pci-e traffic lanes. Good luck
  9. okay, i finaly spoke with biostar and they second roonj. no flash needed. got an RMA and will be shipping it back soon. i did find a processor that is on the compatible list, and am having it shipped as you read this. i may see if it'll boot and flash with the new one (little sempron a2 socket) before i send the mobo back. i'll keep you guys posted either way. thanks again for the help.

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