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I need to get a new drive for storage but I'm not sure which to get, so I need some recommendations. I've been looking at the 2tb ones but they seem to be pretty hit or miss. Should i just roll the dice and get a wd green drive or does anyone have better recommendations. I'm going to put it in my computer most likely but I have an enclosure to use so internal drives are what I would prefer.
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    I would go with the Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB for 2TB storage or look at the new Seagate 3TB drive coming out. I'm a huge fan (running one as my storage) of the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB.
  2. Would it only being 5400 rpm do very much to the performance of the drive. Ill probably be streaming shows and whatnot from it so I wasn't sure about the f4 2tb.
  3. As a storage drive and to streaming shows, it'll be fine for those uses. I would probably not recommend it for a OS drive though :D

    Your other choice would be the WD 2TB Black, which is a great drive but at twice the price... Is it worth it? I wouldn't go with Seagate... still have bad taste from their 7200.11 drives
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