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I recently connected my desktop running vista to a 37 inch flatscreen TV. When I adjusted the resolution to the closest preset resolution to my display the screen image does not take up the whole screen. The proportions are correct but the image appears about 1 1/2 inches from the left side of the screen and the right side and bottom of the screen the image goes out of frame. When I play Halo or Grand theft auto the top and left are correctly aligned but the bottom and right are still slightly out How do I fix this.

Specs to my desktop I know its stock dont laugh at me. at least i'm not a noob asking for a $200 build thats runs GTA4

specs to my tv

My resolution is at 1280 x 720 through a VGA

My tv resolution should be 1366 x 768 16.9 ration

Please help any Ideas would be great.

Oh yeah when I connected it to an old tube monitor it had the same problem.

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  1. Which graphics card do you have?
    Which drivers are you running? Older drivers will not support all the features of later releases.
    If you change to a new driver suite, set a restore point beforehand.
  2. The graphics card is integrated in the g33 chipset. The drivers are what came with it or the most current update.

    Is there some kind of setting that I can adjust to fix this
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