E8400 running hot


I had it clocked at 3.16 with an average temp of 65. then, i took the cpu fan off, air dusted it, and applied new thermal paste. now speedfan says im idling at 70-80 C and real temp and core temp say its 105 ish.

What do i do?

UPDATE: Its running about 60-80 C after a new bios update. it should crash before it damages the CPU right?
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  1. No one?
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What cooler are you using?
  3. Usually if you reapply thermal paste and your temperatures jump, you've either put too much or too little. Other possibilities include that your heatsink is making improper contact or that (unlikely) your bios update recalibrated your thermal sensors. Check your voltage (as a safety measure) in BIOS and make sure that it's still within tolerance.

    If you used the same type of thermal paste as last time, I would suggest trying to redo the paste and double checking that the cooler is 100% seated properly.
  4. what type of cooler do you have on it bro?
  5. its a stock cooler, however ive been running it at 80-95 for a while now and it feels cool to the touch. perhaps the computer isnt reading it right?
  6. most likely
  7. You answered your own question really. If speedfan, bios, and realtemp are all reporting excessively high temperatures,and your heatsink is cool to the touch, it must not be making proper contact with the chip end of story. If thermal transfer from the chip to the fan was taking place, the heatsink would be warm or hot to the touch with the temps your talking about.

    The push pin method is horrid, you most likely have one or more pins not fully secured to the back of the mobo.

    It's a pain in the arse, but I would remove the mobo(unless you have a case with a cpu cut out) and reinstall the fan. Then verify all four of the plastic fasteners are fully through and attached securely. Just a little paste in the middle is enough btw, after cleaning both the chip and the fan with some rubbing alcohol.
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