Questions about updating Radeon 4870

Hi, I have a Radeon 4870. I tried to update my driver to the latest 9.6 however when I check the Graphics Software information, I get this.

Driver Packaging Version 8.62-090520m1-0817AAC-ATI
Catalyst Version 09.6
2D Driver Version
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
Catalyst Control Center Version 2009.0520.1631.27815
AIW/VIVO WDM Driver Version
AIW/VIVO WDM SP Driver Version

Is my driver properly updated? I checked my other ATI Products on other computers and they are more updated than 6.14 something something...

When I check Everest Ultimate Edition, it says my driver version is 8.620.0.0
I am getting so confused....
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  1. Your driver is 9.6 :)
    Well we have something called Catalyst Version and something called Driver Packaging version,for example when Cat 9.6 came out,if u checked the download sections for it,u would say this: "Download Catalyst 9.6(8.62)" 9.6 is the catalyst version and 8.62 is the driver packing version.
  2. Oh I see...
    But, what about those 6.14 stuff? I checked my other computer, they were 8. something...
  3. Can u post a screen shot of those ?

  4. and when I check dxdiag, guess what?


    Whyyyy (btw, I think this is why 1 of my game lags like crazy) =/..
  5. Can u upload the pic in or
  6. Here's the images I uploaded from above, but I don't know why you wanted it from these sites...

  7. i asked because imageshack is filtered in IRAN :(
    Yeah i see what u are saying just checked mine and its same for me,in DXDIAG it reports 6.14 i dont know why,but always check your VGA driver with Catalyst control center or other apps like everest.
    For you everything is ok,u have cat 9.6 no need to worry about anything :)
  8. Oh really? Thanks...
    I was worried cause, I have this problem with a game called Ragnarok Online and it lags my computer horribly which it shouldn't considering the system requirements...About 50% CPU on a Quad Core PSU is used when I run the game, and the computer fails to respond properly. The game is not even 3D.

    It runs perfectly on my other ATI product on my laptop but my laptop seems to have a 8.14? something driver.
  9. hmm thats strange,how about other games ? like new games ?
  10. New games are fine, I can play most games that are heavy on graphics. Ragnarok is the only problem...
    It runs fine in my other computers though. I can open at 5-7 instances but on this computer, 1 is already killing it.
  11. hmm don't know about it maybe ask in the forums for that game ?
    I did a google search and couldn't find anything useful
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