Bios setup for Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H

Hi , this is my first build (whew)..and a complete Noob.... need some guidence for bios applications.... What is Q-Flash and do i need to install it? and do i need to install a bios upgrade for a new MoBo...

Gigbyte Ma785gmt-ud2h - Am3 DDR 3 1600
Antec 650 Psu - Earthware Series
Phenom ii 965x4 3.4 ghz 80 cache (black eddition)
A-Data XPG 1600 - 8 gigs total mem.

Thanxz ...
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  1. Q-flash is a bios flashing program, Since your asking IF you need to upgrade the bios the answer is no.
    There is a complete discription of it in the Spanish literature you received called Manuel. Suggest you read it thoroughly regarding bios flash before you try it. There are several different methods offered and if your system is running you can think about it for a few days or weeks. Gigabyte lists all of the bios updates available on their website for your particular board. Most logical question is are there any updates relative to your particular 965 chip.
  2. Bios flashing is risky, so think carefully whether you need to do it at all. If, for example, there's a power drop or outage while you flash it, the board could become useless.
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