HDMI to VGA on HD3650?

Hi all, I have a Radeon HD3650. It has a HDMI port and DVI-I port. Most of what I read on the web says it usually has two DVI-I ports.

I'm just wondering, does that mean they simply replaced one DVI interface with a HDMI interface? In which case, the signal being sent is still analogue and digital like DVI-I?

I'm trying to hook up a second monitor but it only has a VGA port so was wondering if I get a HDMI to VGA cable, would it work? Currently I'm using the DVI port to connect to a monitor with only VGA input so stuck with working around the HDMI port. (I know, I need to upgrade my monitors :( damn recession lol )
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  1. There's no problem using an HDMI-VGA adpater nikeah. And to answer your question, HDMI and DVI are practically the same, sending video signals digitally. HDMI's difference is that it can also stream sound signals along with the video.
  2. Thank you r_manic :) I tried using a HDMI-VGA cable, works fine :D

    Guess the port is sending out DVI-I signals after all :)
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