Best CPU cooler for me

Hey there just a quick question,

What are some good cpu coolers between $50-$100?

The cooling will be for a i7 2600k cpu plan to OC it to 4 - 4.5 ghz

Thanks rob
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  1. Noctua NHD-14 $ 89
  2. I've heard good things about the CoolerMaster 212 - only $30, I believe.
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    Best < $40 cooler - Scythe Mugen 2 beats Prolimatech Magahalems by 1C and Hyper 212 by 7C

    Best Air Cooler - Thermaltake Solver Arrow or Archon (noise a consideration)
    Best Air Cooler - Coolermaster V6 GT (don't care about noise)

    With both of its 140mm fans connected directly to the computer's power supply and running at full speed, the Silver Arrow turns in amazing performance, edged out by less than 1 degree by the Cooler Master V6 GT. The minimal performance difference here is probably due to the V6 GT's high-speed fans, each of which is rated at 90CFM, as compared to the Silver Arrow's 69CFM fans. It's worth noting here that the V6 GT's fans are quite loud at full speed, whereas the Silver Arrow's fans are very quiet. .... I think the Silver Arrow represents the ultimate air cooler than can be built and still fit within the constraints of an ATX motherboard and a standard computer case.

    Best Self contained liquid cooler - Antec 620 (noise a consideration)
    Best Self contained liquid cooler - Antec 920 (don't care about noise)

    The chart below summarizes the results with the stock fans (hotter temperatures towards the top of the chart, and cooler temperatures towards the bottom). The twin-fan coolers (the Cooler Master V6 GT, Corsair H70, and the Kühler 920) have a real advantage here, since their dual fans move more air than the stock single fan of any of the other units. The Corsair H70's fans at their default 2,000RPM level move a lot of air together, but also generate a fair amount of noise. At the 1,600RPM level achieved with the in-line resistor cables, the noise level is much reduced, with a relatively minor performance hit.

    But what I do know are the performance figures I got in my testing, which place the Kühler solidly in the lead of all other all-in-one water coolers that I've tested. Frankly its performance is almost unbelievably good: its stock-fan performance is 7.2 degrees cooler than Corsair H50, whose radiator appears to be identical. With the high-speed Delta fan on both coolers, the performance gap widens to 9.4 degrees. I can't come up with any explanation other than increased flow rate, but in the end that's really irrelevant, as the performance speaks for itself. Its only competitor in the all-in-one water cooling market is the Corsair H70, which achieves similar stock-fan performance with its thicker radiator and dual fans. However, the H70 is both noisier and significantly more expensive than Antec's Kühler.

    Scythe Mugen 2 ($40)
    Kuhler 620 ($80)
    Kuhler 920 ($120)
    Silver Arrow ($83)

    Other 1st tier Coolers (ranking dependent upon performance, noise, ease of installation and cost):

    Prolimatech Megahalems
    Thermalright Venomous-X RT
    Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG-2100
    ProlimaTech Super Mega
    Cogage Arrow
    ProlimaTech Armageddon
    Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme
    Cogage TRUE Spirit
    Xigmatek Balder SD1283
    SilenX Effizio EFZ-120HA4

    Other 2nd tier coolers

    Noctua NH-D14
    Zalman CNPS10X-Performa
    Coolink Corator-DS Heatsink
    CoolAge CA-X120TF Wind Tunnel
    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
    Thermolab BARAM
    Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384
    Scythe Yasya SCYS-1000 Cooler
    Noctua NH-U12P
    Cooler Master V6 GT Heatsink
    Thermaltake Contac-29 CLP0568
    Zalman CNPS10X-Quiet
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