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I am building a new gaming system and I have everything down par but Im a little behind in the hdd department. So much has changed since I built a computer. My question is I want to use a solid state drive and a 7200 SATA 3 which should I use for data and which for my games and applications? Which ones should I buy as well? Im guessing I should put my O\S, drivers and Anti virus on the ssd. Then put all my games and application on the sata 3. On the subject of which one I should buy what going on. Back in the day your hdd would last you for years no problem, now I look at reviews and pretty much every hdd out there is DOA when you get it or is DOA 6 months down the road. I would buy nothing but ssd but I dont want to spend $1000 just in storage. I am looking for a 40gb ssd and at least a 1tb sata 3 7200RPM 32mb cache.
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  1. What motherboard are you going to be running (bascially does it support SATA III??)

    Solid State Drives: OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTX40G 2.5" 40GB would be my recommended choice

    Hard Drives: Samsung Spinpoint F3R 1TB would be my recommendation of choice.

    You are correct on putting the OS, drivers and AV on the SSD and programs on the hard drive. Here is a few links you can review to help with things after installation.
  2. Thank you very much on the info. Yes the motherboard supports the SATA III. Im going to use the Sandy Bridge 2500k processor since they finally came out with the newly upgrade SATA III motherboards and cant beat the speed and price and dont forget about the overclocking capability.
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