New processor

Hi i recently bought this motherboard.

I'm looking to get a processor to fit this, i'm aware it needs to be Intel.

Please can you recommend me a good compatible processor. Thanks.
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  1. whats the cpu budget
  2. Honestly not sure. just want a decent one to run WoW and AION.
  3. Thats a really weird mobo. AGP and PCI-e, DDR2 and DDR. Anyway, you can fit any LGA 775 socket CPU in there. You should really tell us what you want to spend so we can tell you what to get.
  4. Hmm, best value for around £50-60?
    all i can afford currently.
  5. I've currently got a Pentium 4 3.0GHz....
    so anything will be a good upgrade from that lol
  6. 800 and 1066 fsb core2 duos at .65 nm will work depending on your bios version. e2200, e4600, e5400, e7500 will work with bios version p2.10. Also the q6600, a popular cpu for overclocking. You may have to use your p4 to do a bios flash if your new cpu doesn't post. Test it on a non conductive surface or cardboard box (also phonebook) with just the cpu/heatsink, memory, video, keyboard, and power supply atx 20 pin and 4 pin connections. I touch the power switch pin cluster with a plain flathead screwdriver to start it up.
  7. ok thanks, any more suggestions?
  8. Your CPU Support List

    From the CPU's your motherboard support, I would recommend either the 2.5Ghz E5200 (£51.99 inc VAT) or 2.93Ghz E7500 (£91.99 inc VAT).
    Either will be far faster than your current P4 3ghz CPU.

    Unfortunately, due to the age of your motherboard and its VIA PT880 Chipset, do not expect to be able to overclock at all.
    In your case, what you pay for is what you get, at least until you get a newer Intel based motherboard.
  9. ok whats the difference in performance between those 2 above?
    thanks btw
  10. Probably not enough to justify paying nearly double.
    If you had a better motherboard I would recommend getting the E5200 and overclocking it.
    Unfortunately, a new motherboard is going to cost you quite a bit more than the 40£ premium between the two CPUs.

    At stock, either should have more than enough power for the games you are looking to play.
  11. I had one with a 7900GTO, on PCI-E, noticed very little bottlenecking due to the pci-ex4. as outlw6669 said it does not oc. I ran it with an E6600 and 2Gb of DDR400 to start with, was a good board only a minor improvement going to p5b dl on same cpu. Mine didn't like booting from a sata driv though, pata was fine, could be my board though.
  12. the e6300 linked above is of the newer intel core 2's they ran out of names and just renamed a new cpu to an old name
  13. I say go with the Q6600. Anyway take a look at the CPU support list for the board

    Make sure you pic a CPU where under "Since BIOS" it says "All". If it doesn't say "All" then it needs a BIOS update to support that CPU, and you can't update the BIOS if you can't get the darn thing to boot.
  14. Q6600 is expensive.
  15. probably going to go for that.
  16. seems like a nice upgrade for mine. Anyone got anything to say.
    Id like to say thanks for the help
  17. Am i right in saying the following:

    Will give better performance than the E5200?
  18. Yeah it would definitely give you some more performance since the E6300 is 2.8ghz and the E5200 is 2.5. Same amount of cache though.
  19. beanymattd said:
    Am i right in saying the following:

    Will give better performance than the E5200?

    Yes, the E6300 will give you more performance than an E5200.
    Unfortunately, it is not on your CPU Support List so it may or may not work.

    Make sure and check your sites CPU Return Policy before purchasing.
    If you are unlucky and it does not work in your motherboard, you may be stuck with it...
  20. hmm i thought it was compatible?
  21. if not, maybe ill get the E5200 instead to be safe.
  22. My mate had this board, unfortunately it is not good overclocker so I would recommend fastest clock speed dual core CPU that You can get for Your budget and is supported by Your m/b. Which would be E5400 or for £10 less You can get E5300
  23. With the E5200 it says i need a 2.0 BIOS, what does this mean and how do i know if i have one.
  24. ah thanks mate i was looking at the E5400 a second ago.
  25. thanks ill look into the E5400 then :)
    you're sure it's supported by the way?
  26. As for E6300 confusion, it is intels fault as there are 2 different E6300- old 65nm 1.86GHz which is supported by this m/b and new 45nm E6300 2.8GHz not supported by this m/b
  27. It should show bios version on post screen and/or in the bios. You can use Your old P4 if it is socket 775 to update bios before You put new CPU in.
  28. Which BIOS version is needed for the E5400? Are all ok?
  29. P2.10 it is the latest
  30. and id have to update them by using my pentium 4 first i guess, then switch? or can i update with my new processor.
  31. never mind. Motherboard comes with

    BIOS type SMBIOS 2.3.1

    I'm presuming that means i'm ok
  32. You can get bios here

    That SMBIOS 2.3.1 I think is referring to BIOS type not version because newest version listed on ASRock site is 2.10

    If it works with new cpu you can use it to update bios. I think it should be working but it might not recognize it fully and show as unknown CPU and might not work at full speed.

    Since You have P4 CPU I would probably use that for BIOS if E5400 is not properly recognised just to be safe.

    If it is working and recognizing E5400 then probably there is no need to update.
  33. I had that board and it's complete trash. What are the other specs of your system?

    I hope you don't have an agp card , and the pcie on that board is version 1 and 4x which is completely not for gaming.
    To answer your question, get a e5200.
  34. i have an AGP card thats whyive got this mobo
  35. surely an E5400 is better than an E5200?
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