DVD writer sata and combo drive IDE together be used on a pc

hey can Samsung super writemaster (DVD+RW) sata cable and combo drive CD writer and DVD reader IDE cable together be used on a single pc. my hardware configration is motherboard- Asus P5G4IC-M LX INTEL Chipset Support Rev.676.01 , DDR3 2GB RAM , 500GB sata HDD.........please help as i dont know much about computers.......
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  1. Sure. The motherboard has both SATA connectors and one IDE connector. Just remember to set the Master jumper on the IDE drive.
  2. what is master jumper????????
  3. That's the King of kangaroos. Or maybe a prince of fleas.

    If the IDE DVD drive is the only device on the IDE cable, you need to set the jumpers on the back to the Master position, look on the back of the drive you will see it.
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