Newly build computer need to boot up twice after overnight off

My moms HP computer's power supply recently went dead, and instead of replacing a costly custom power supply i decided to do an upgrade. I've purchased a new case with a power supply, new motherboard, an AMD chip, new memory and a new video card. After I put everything together I added an extra hard drive. Soon my mom began complaining that after she boots up into windows she had to turn the computer twice and windows goes into "repair" mode. So this is waht I've done so far:

Replaced Power supply with a brand new one

Reinstalled windows

Replaced motherboard for the same make and model (newer version though)

Still the problem persist. The computer will power down and reboot just fine if I start it up right away or ever a few hours after the shut down. But if the shut down is for a while (let's say overnight), when it boots, it locks up and after turning the stwitch on the power supply off and on, it will boot up fine but windows thinks it did not shut down properly.

Just a not too - Otherwise computer works beautifully while it's on, with no crashes or problems of any kind.

I've build many computers before and I've never seen this issue. I don't know what else to try. Could it be the computer case?

Some of things I'm thinking of trying:

- Removing video card (using on borad video), extra hard drive and seeing if problem persists.

- Changing the power strip computer is plugged into???

- Putting my power supply from my pc into my moms computer

- Gutting my case except for the power supply and putting my mom's computer parts in it

Or maybe there is something small I'm missing. This is driving me nuts though. :( The fact that the problem does not pop up unitl the next day is just frustrating.
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  1. Try clearing the cmos and restarting. Follow procedures in the manual for the board you have.
  2. katanadude said:
    Try clearing the cmos and restarting. Follow procedures in the manual for the board you have.

    I tried that :(. Next day same issue.
  3. Try reseating your memory, also check to see if your memory is running at the right specs in bios.
  4. katanadude said:
    Try reseating your memory, also check to see if your memory is running at the right specs in bios.

    I've reseated memory sticks around. Memory is being recognized in the boot up screen. Also since I've also replaced the motherboard .
  5. As much as you may not want not want to hear it, that power supply in that case may be the culprit. The cheapo power supplies that come with low budget cases are not always the best.
  6. Well I booted up my mom's computer my self just to see where it freezes. It seems that it gets though the bios boot screens just fine, it freezes right when it supposed to load into windows. So tonight I'm going to remove the extra video card, and then also disconnect the extra hard drive. I'll see what it does tomorrow morning.

    The power supply inside that computer is not the stock one that came with the case ( that one was really scarry like almost noting in it). I've put in a thermaltake power supply, but I've been reading about them and it seems that it can either be a hit or a miss. So if tomorrow comp does the same thing, i'll put in my old antec power supply that I took out from my own computer when I got a more powerfully one (even though antec one served me faithfully for many years) amd see how tha goes.

    Key is to figure out what I need to return/exchange back to the store before 30 days are up. LOL
  7. If your list of things doesn't fix it, i'd try memtest. I've had bad memory preventing a full boot before.
  8. I think I figured it out. It was the video card. It finally would not let me boot into windows at all. I took it out and computer has been working fine with the on board video. I sent in the card to Newegg to get a replacement.
  9. When you get the new card back, and if it still doe not work, try disabling the onboard video.
  10. Just in case you didn't figure out the problem .... i had a similar problem. When ever i turn the computer on in the morning (left off overnight) .... computer would come on when i push the power ... monitor power LED would go from orange to blue (stating its powering on) ... than back to orange .... bios wouldn't even load up and screen stays black forever! So i would turn the power switch on back of the power supply off and back on ... everything would a ok ... computer would work perfect till next day. If i restart it within an hr ... no problem ... but sometimes it would work 3-4 hrs later ... sometimes not. But the problems lies in the capacitors in the power supply. It'll slowly discharge .... so if restart right away ... be ok ... if left over time ... it'll discharge and not be able to make that initial charge to boot up. so when you turn it off and on ... the initial charge will be enough to get MB going. So power supply would be your problem .... but sometime the capacitors on other parts of your computer would be the problem too. Look for round tops where the X should be flat. Hope this help! So did the video card finally fix your problem?
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