Compatability with NVIDIA/Abit RAID

I believe my drive controller has failed, none of my drives respond. This is the mobo:

* Abit AN832X
* chipset - NVIDIA NF4 SLI X16.
* Southbridge - NVIDIA CK804SLI (from

I want to migrate my RAID-1 drives to a new mobo and not lose data. This excellent article here suggests that this may be possible if staying with an nForce controller:,1640-8.html

However I am a little confused - the article is seems to talk about chipset and southbridge interchangeably. So am I looking for just an nForce chipset, or do I need to dig for southbridge info on all prospective new mobo's to find something compatible to the CK804SLI?

I'd like to go with an AM3 package. Has anyone already migrated from this or a similar mobo? Thanks for any input -
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  1. With all your drives failing, I'd first think it's a controller failure. All your drives failing at the same time is much more unlikely to happen.
  2. I thought I would post my results. I had tried contacting Abit, my original mobo's manufacturer for a recommendation on an upgrade path, and received no response. They're defunct so no great surprise, but I think they are still supposed to be supporting their products for a year or something like that.

    anyway... I bought a new NVIDIA Asus mobo with RAID support and hooked up my drives (sorry don't have model offhand) . The data was 100% readable but the array still showed as compromised. I bought an external drive, backed up what I had, and deleted and re-added the array. The data was still OK so I did not even have to restore the backup. Problem solved.
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