Sli problems

my pc specs are:

xfx 750i sli motherboard
q9450 cpu (oc 3.1ghz)
xfx gtx 260 black eddition x2
6 gig ddr2 1066 (a pair of corsair dominator 1066mhz and a pair of ocz 800mhz with the cooler that came with the corsair dominator)
620W Coolermaster Real Power M620 Modular PSU SLi

I just recently added the second gpu and the PSU is pretty low wattage for that setup but it has been working on ever game I have apart from Crysis which shuts down after about 5 minutes of running it. I'm almost certain it isnt a cooling problem as the absaloute maximum I have ever seen my cpu core temperature go to is 60oC and thats the same for both my gpus and that was on a very hot day and the central heating was stuck on :D. I would have been certain that it was my psu that was the problem but when I played crysis at the same settings (all maxed out with extreme quality mod) on windows 7 64bit, as oposed to vista 64 bit that I get the pc shutdown on, it runs with no problems other than a strange lypsyncing but that I get on all windows 7 games. I can also play any other game totaly maxed out on windows 7 or windows vista: Empire total war, Fallout3, Everquest 2, batman arkham asylum, lotro ect :P. Would appreciate any ideas. Also the modular psu I had only came with 2 6 pin conectors so I'm using 2 molex to 6 pin adaptars for the second car and they are both on a fairly long daisy chain of molex connectors and I was wondering if that was a problem also :D
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  1. It is recommended that your power supply have 35 amps along the 12v rails for gtx260. Yours has three rails at 19 amps each. I would say you are pushing it running sli.
  2. oh right, can that harm the hardware?
  3. It could if you keep operating it that way.
  4. I just did a virus scan and found a trojan and got rid of it and Crysis seems to be running fine :D. That is the oddest virus I have ever come accross, one that causes only Crysis to crash. Someone must have known Crysis is my faivorite game of all time :/
  5. btw I have been running a single xfx gtx 260 black for about 8 months with this power supply and I have had no problems attal with it, is there a chance it might be ok?
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