DVD drive is not detected!

my dvd drive is not being displayed in my computer. it is seen in device manager 'n has an error code:22 further more im not able to enable it.

OS: Vista home premium
Model: TOSHIBA Satellite p series

someone plz help bcoz i hv 2 re install the OS too!!!!
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  1. In the device manager right click on it and select Enable Device.
  2. First open your case and unplug and replug the sata and power plugs in the back of the drive ..... They possibly could be semi unplugged causing to work and then fail .... next is make sure you have appropriate drivers for the drive and download them from the manufactures website .. You could also try using a different sata port on your motherboard .... Dust could have gotten into the current port and cause your issue ... Try these three things and if its still not working at least you have illuminated 3 possibilities. If all else fails calls the tech support for the drive and they should be able to help you get it to work or rma it and give you a new drive.
  3. Try the Microsoft Fix it page for this problem.


    And click on the run now button.
  4. Hi,
    I have a Tos Satellite. Experienced the same problem. Tried the usoft regedit fix.
    That didn't work. didn't show in device manager.

    Working with tech support, I found that when I reset the configuration in the BIOS, all was well.

  5. My drives suddenly disappeared, when reinstalling in device manager just error,
    turns out it was an upper filter problem in the registry the following link eliminated all my issues. http://computersurgery.blogspot.com/2012/01/dvd-drive-missing-in-my-computer.html
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