Hardware questions for gameing rig. from pro.s pls.

I have a gigabyte X58A-UD3R rev.2 MB, Intel i7 990X, Rosewill 1000W Lightning-1000 R power supply, G.Skill F3-1600CL9T-GBT RAM, I bought a hot swap dual bay for SSD's and need a good HD.
What would be a good gaming network card, HD, SDD, and graphics cards under 300. dollars SLI or a real good single.
Also once I get the SSD, I plug it into the raid 0 plug put the OS on it and then use the mechanical one for only programs... right?
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    1) There is no good gaming Network card. They are just not worth the price to performance (not really a difference).

    2) Hard Drive: Samsung Spinpoint F3R 1TB

    3) SSD: OCZ Vertex 3 or Crucial C300

    4) GPU: EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC

    You install the SSD on SATA port 0 and use AHCI over IDE or RAID. Ideally, you want at least a 120GB+ SSD, so you can install OS, Apps and a game or two. Everything else is installed on the Storage Drive.
  2. Thank you for the information. I should have mentioned that I know next to nothing about the terminology. Guess I will have to look up AHCI, no reason why it wouldn't be in the MB's user's manual.
  3. AHCI is the SATA controller settings in your BIOS & is in the manual on how to set.

    Can I ask why you picked up the i7 990X over the i7 2600k platform (or even the i7 950) and put more money toward a GPU?
  4. I had already bought the motherboard before I heard about sandybridge's and it doesn't support that platform (so says the compatibility chart). As for the i7 950, I am an uber noob when it comes to hardware (well let's face it computers in general), I figured if I bought the best (read some where it's the fastest) I couldn't go wrong. I play everquest2 on-line, I want to play the game on the highest setting during raids. The graphics are to say the least intense and will lag the best of gaming rigs. None of the IT Techs I play with can handle the highest settings. I'm playing on a 6 year old Dell computer, I want to rule the game. Some build a comp. every year to stay on top, I don't have the money all the time so I'm going all out while I can.
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