GTX 275 896MB vs GTX 275 1792MB


So is it worth getting the 1792 mb for the extra 90$?
I already ordered the 896mb and did not know there is a 1792mb version, so I will have to return it to the better one
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  1. Unless your playing at 2560x1600 you should be fine. Or for whatever awkward reason feel the need to run 8x AA at 1920x1200. Overclock your card if you want to see an improvement.
  2. I have a dual monitor setup, I run my main monitor at 1920x1200 (which is what my games run on) and my 2nd at 1280x720 (best res, it's a projector). I'm looking to get a GTX 275 but also currently deciding on which memory size to go with. Since I can't break 1920x1200, I tend to crank the AA. That being said and considering the dual monitors (both are used at the same time, call me crazy) would I benefit from the extra memory? What kind of strain do dual monitors put on a video card?
  3. Toms recently did an article on a 1gb gtx285 vs a 2gb. Nothing made use of that much VRAM at the moment. While I dont have a way of gauging the exact amount of VRAM used to maintain another screen you can be sure its not that much. People run windows with 64mb of shared system memory as VRAM and dont see an issue. 720p is relatively low, and so long as your not simultaneously running games on both monitors you should be fine. Simply using it for the extra space shouldnt be an issue. I used to run a 1920x1080 monitor side by side with a 1280x1024 monitor and never saw a real change in performance.
  4. Hey guys I have a SAMSUNG 19INCH monitor which runs at 1400x900 and refresh rate 75 hertz.If I buy a XFX GTS 250 1GB then can I play games like FARCRY2,GTA-4,CRYSIS,CALL OF DUTY5 will ULTRA HIGH SETTINGS AND with 16xAA ANTIALIASING at 1400x900?If not then will xfx GTX 275 896mb will be powerful enough for ULRA HIGH SETTINGS with 16xaa antialiasing?
  5. no, even with 1 285 GTX Crysis Maxed out with 16x AA will still plummet your frames during intense battles.

    But I wouldn't buy a card just for Crysis, all the other games except GTA 4, should run perfectly with the 275 GTX.

    Unless you have a really good CPU GTA 4 won't run perfectly.
  6. I have a q9400 at 2.74ghz cpu with gigabyte eg41mf-us2h motherboard and 4gb of RAM and i am planning to buy a XFX GTX 275 896mb with a 750i Motherboard(ALSO XFX).Should I buy anything else?
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