Memory option with Xeon 5500 serie E5502

Gents and Ladies,

I want to buy ddr3 1066 1333Mhz memory for a workstation that has (2x) xeon E5502 processors in it. This is becasue I want to upgrade the processors to X5570 or W5580 at some point and want the best memory they will support. The question I have is that the current E5502 Xeons call for DDR3-800 memory, but will they work with the 1333 1066's but just at a lower speed, and can I get them to play together albeit a Bios setting etc?

Thnak you very very much for your help. Happy Holidays to everyone.

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    I doubt it. Server boards have very specific specs, and many have few adjustments. Check your bios carefully with the manual memory settings. The max memory speed may be 1066, not 1333. I never pay a premium price for memory unless I know it overclocks well with my board and I have a good power supply. Don't expect your board to perform better with premium memory; just use what's recommended. Paying more for higher rated memory is a waste of $$.
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