Need help with CPU Heatsink/fan!

Hey Everyone, I'm a bit new to DIY builds so I could use all your help.

I recently bought this heatsink/fan for my Cooler master Elite 341.

Basically, there is a fan in the back of the case. The problem is that the Rosewill heatsink fan only lets you position the fan either to the top of the case or towards the bottom of the case. I don't know much but I figured having the fan face the back of the case would be best.
edit:: there are also holes in the case towards one side

Right now my options are:

1) position heatsink fan towards the top of the case (almost directly into the power supply)
2) position heatsink fan towards bottom of the case (into my graphics card)
3) buy a new fan entirely and position it towards... (back of the case I assume).

Any suggestions?


edit2: also, maybe I Should add a fan in the front of the case?
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  1. You sure. The fan should be set to blow air through the cooler. For that case, it should be mounted so the fan is behind the drive cage pointing toward the back of the case.

    An extra front fan would help cooling.
  2. It is not possible to mount it that way (thanks to AMD's bracket system).

    Only possible mounting is pointed vertically - top and bottoms of the case
  3. Ok, I think I understand. the Fan blows onto the heatsink, so the fan should be mounted nearer the front of the case, with fan blowing onto heatsink, and through to the back. I had it mixed up in my head.

    Well, my current heatsink/fan doesn't allow for that. It can blow towards the top of the case or bottom. Both of which aren't optimal. I guess i can return this heatsink/fan but just wondering how big of a difference it makes. My primary concern is quietness. I'm not going to overclock.
  4. I am also currently in the same situation. I recently bought the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 which only allows for the fan to face towards the top or bottom of the case. I would also like to know what the best option would be. So far I haven't read where anyone has had a problem with the way these are installed. Just not sure the direction in which the heatsink should face in order for it to be most effective. I appreciate any feedback :)
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