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Building a new system with:
Gigabyte GA-MA785GPM-UD2H motherboard
AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core processor
Corsair Dominator Dual Channel PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz (2 X 2048MB)
Ultra 600W Power Supply

Using on-board graphics until finished troubleshooting.

Powe on gives nothing on screen, just 4 long beeps. Cannot find Award documentation referring to this POST code. A couple of posts online referred to CPU fan problems. Originally had Cooler Master on CPU. This is a 3 pin cable, fan plug on mobo is 4 pin. Tried plugging in dinky 4 pin fan that came with CPU, no change. Any other notions?
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  1. Do you have other fans connected to it? It may not just be the CPU fan connector.
  2. Sounds like a RAM problem, you can always go to the MB manufacturer's web site and download a copy of the manual. Good luck with it.
  3. The motherboard may be having problems with that memory - the specs say it supports only up to DDR2 1200 - not 1600 - and it might be having problems stepping it down.

    First I would try running it with only one stick - often a system will work with only one stick even if settings are not right. Also check the memory and what voltages it requires for different levels - you might need to adjust it.

    If you get it to boot with one stick - run CPU-Z (free tool) and see what it reports for the actual memory stats and the SPID or alternative settings for the memory.

    You might also run memtest (another free tool) to see what it reports - you can do this even if it does not boot. You should run this to test memory on a new build even if you have no apparent problems.

    Running 10 passes will give you a ood idea if their are memory problems. If it reports no errors, then you should run it overnight - for 8 hours or so - to confirm it is stable. Stable means absolutely no errors in 8 hours.

    A Corsair expert (company tech rep I think) regularly haunts this forum - hopefully he will see this and add some words of wisdom. Regretably I cannot remember his name.
  4. I don't know how accurate, up to date, or applicable they are, but I found two lists of Award beep codes that both indicate it is a memory issue:

    And another site that said you have to check with the mobo manufacturer.
  5. It was a memory issue, thanks to all who posted.
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