How to Connect to an Esata internal hard Drive?

I know that this might seem like a NOOB question to some of you. However, I have an E-SATA port on my computer case which is surely connected to the header on my motherboard. My question is, if I plug the data e-sata cable to my internal hard drive "Western digital 1TB 64MB cache"; how will I give it power???
Should I get a HD enclosure or is there another way?
PS The HDD is not located inside the case. I wanna keep it outside
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    External eSATA hard drives are expected to be in an enclosure which has it's own power connection that typically uses a power brick to plug into the wall. Here's an example:

    If you want to use a bare drive externally then you're probably better off to get an external USB 3.0 or eSATA drive dock - these also plug into the wall to supply power to the drive. Here's one:

    If you really, really want to use a bare drive with no enclosure or dock, then you'll have to run a power cable from one of your PSU connections through a hole in the case to your drive - something like this:
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