500W Gembird PSU 6

How good is this psu
500W Gembird PSU 6

I`s this enough do suplly my:
saphire hd4670
MB gigabyte p35-ds3L
2g ram kindstone 1x1 800Mhz
hdd 250gb western D.
cpu 2180 2.0 1M cache
Thank you in advance!!!
what about this unknown Deluxe 800W but real is 350w peak 460w,
what means that peak 460w?
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  1. That means it can handle a peak load of 460w for a short time a very short time, but don't waste your money on cheaper no name brands if you can get a more well known one.
  2. I could not find any technical reviews of the power supply.
  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one, I almost began to doubt my powers of google-fu.
  4. The psu is manufactured in China and sold in the UK. I could not find detailed technical specifications at a few UK vendor sites I visited. I am not very good with UK prices but it appears to be a low budget psu.

    kocevace - If possible you might want to consider a high quality psu for your system. Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, and Seasonic have a reputation for high quality power supplies. They consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. An good alternative choice would be the Antec Earthwatts EA-500.
  5. kocevace said:
    How good is this psu
    500W Gembird PSU 6

    I am guessing generic junk. I like Corsair and Antec.

    kocevace said:
    what means that peak 460w?

    Always ignore "peak" power ratings. It's a useless specification in a computer power supply.
  6. thank you thank you very much!
    i`m not taking thowe then.

    But i have something new
    =PSU 685W Hantol 20+4pin,500W Real Power,12+8cm Fan=
    How god can this be, icant find some sepcifications for it can some one help?
  7. If You understand russian:
    Antiq shematic with low 12V and high 5V, for 500W PS for 12V only 18A? :ouch:
  8. @OP: DO NOT skimp on the PSU. You should save up a bit more money and get a quality PSU from Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, or hell may be even Thermaltake. I'd take a Thermaltake over this junk any day.
  9. a corsair 400cx is better than that crap 500w, mr OP!
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