EVGA GeForce GTX 275 FTW vs. PNY GeForce GTX 275

Quite a simple question really... but I still prefer to leave it to the experts...
Which card is better and why?
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  1. I would take the EVGA but its the same card ... look for COrespeed and others ... read reviews and see with one is quiter/powerfull ...

    Google is your best friend. do your homework !
  2. Andrew_99 said:
    Which card is better and why?

    its a question only you can answer, what is more important to you?

    a free game?
    a better price?
    better customer service?
    better cooling for over clocking?
    noise level?

    like boulard said, read the reviews
  3. Evga due to there life time warranty.
  4. invisik, near ALLL companies offer lifetime now .. ( all the good one )
  5. Between the two, EVGA.
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