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Hello all,
I have a WD external 1TB( My Book Home Edition) hard drive that is connected via esata cable through an esata port on the back panel of an Asus Rampage III Extreme.
At start up, the drive is not found and does not appear in my computer, when I disconnect the WD from it's power source and reconnect, the computer then finds the drive and installs it,but after half an hour or so the WD looses contact and I must go through the power source drill again.
If I connect the drive via USB then the drive works properly and stays detected.
I am running Windows 7 64bit ultimate.
When I run WD diagnostic program the drive does not pass the test when on esata, but on USB the drive passes the test.
Any thoughts about this matter?
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  1. My first thought is that the drive is spinning down for power-saver mode. There have been other posts here on how to use the mfg's utilities to disable this; I don't remember and have never done it myself.

    My second is that if the drive fails diagnostics in any mode I would not depend on it to keep data that I might want in the future.
  2. anybody with the same or similar problem.........hellllllo
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