Correct Wireless Settings for my D-Link DIR-655 Router

What should be the correct setting for my D-Link DIR-655 Router?

If I select this setting. It gives me 300 mbps on my desktop computer which currently has a linksys usb wireless-n adapter. At the same time, my sister in law's dell inspiron laptop receives poor signal.

If I select this setting it gives me 130 mbps on my desktop computer. The dell laptop is able to get an excellent connection.

Is it advisable to select the first option or it's much better for me to stay with the second option?
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  1. Select a wireless mode which matches your wireless adapter. Turn off auto channel select and experiment with different channels because the frequencies they represent work better or worse in various environs (the auto setting won't detect that).

    If you detect neighbouring wifi networks select a channel at least 5 stops from the strongest.

    Relocate cordless phone base etc away from router and computer.
  2. Basically you want me to turn off enable auto channel scan. I did that right now. For some reason my wireless connection gets disconnected and it would reconnect again after a few seconds.
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