Are these temps for 955 with hyper 212+ ok

i have recently installed the cooler master hyper 212+ cooler on my amd phenom 955be

my temps before this were 40C idle, 58C load
now they are 37C/55C with the 212+

1. now i have a cm elite 430 with 2x120mm intake(front)&exhaust(back)+80mm bottom intake

2. i am in a non AC room with outside temps of about ~38C (cant measure the room temp)

3. have remounted thrice using the tim that comes with the 212+ but only able to get ~1 decrease, heres the technique that i used:
first filling the gaps between the copper pipes and aluminum dividers and then applying thin lines on the Al dividers
when i removed it to see the spread it was too much so i again mounted it by putting half the amount of tim this time, but no effect
then i finally applied the the tim by spreading the tim over the coolers base by credit card w/o applying the addl. tim and got about ~1C decrease

why am i not able to get more decrease in temps with this cooler. honestly i expected ~5C decrease with this cooler
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  1. Very cold and safe , max temp fulload when stress tes 60C
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