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Hi i got a sata iii western digtail 1 tb harddrive and its all i have no raid 0 is there any difference if i use sata iii or sata ii.? RIght now its on sata iii but my mobo makes my pci-e card run at x8 pcie insdide of x16 and im a gamer.. So does anyone know if there is a difference ? in sata iii sata ii with only 1 hardrive non ssd?
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  1. 1) Current HDDs run slower than the limit on the SATA II interface, so it doesn't matter if you run it on your SATA II or SATA III ports.

    2) I'm confused about the main point of this post. Whether you run the HDD attached to an SATA III port or an SATA II port should make absolutely no difference in how many lanes run to your PCI-E card.

    Can you provide a little more info?
    o Motherboard and CPU
    o OS
    o All PCI-E cards, and which slots ther are plugged into
    o What exactly is showing you how many PCI-E lanes are running to your card, which I assume is your video card
  2. its ga-p55a-ud3 old i5 760 widows 7 g4 bit n gtx 460 1gig.. i just wanted to lknow if i switch my sata iii port to sata ii port would it make a dfifference that way my video card could fun full x16
  3. This is your concern: 1. When SATA3 / USB 3.0 (Marvell 9128 /NEC USB 3.0 Controllers) work at turbo mode, 1st PCIE x16 will work at x8 speed.

    I would run the drive off of the SATA II port, since the SATA III device will not exceed the throughput.
  4. or btw the card is running at x8 atm cause i have my hardrive in sata iii port if i put it to sata ii it changed it to x16 my video card
  5. oh ok thanks a lot man does anyone know if it matter which sata ii i use?
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    I would run the hard drive off of SATA_0.
  7. thanks so much !
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  9. tecmo34 said:
    I would run the hard drive off of SATA_0.

    1 more thing my cd rom was on sata 0 so i changed it to sata 1 n put my hardrive on sata 0 is that ok? sorry for buggin you so much
  10. Yes... it is okay
  11. Thank so much sir much app.!have a good day sir
  12. You are welcome and the same to you!
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