Cpu usage way high

XP pro SP3
P 4cpu 3.00GHz

I keep a pretty clean machine. Small amount of APP's starting at boot etc...
But lately after I start PC, it starts using crazy amounts of CPU usage. 95%...
It will go up and down, 60% - 90%, and I am not doing anything. No programs

I noticed it trying to play Call of Duty (kept crashing).

I have scanned for viruses (Bit Defender 09), spybot search and destroy,
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. I run CCleaner to keep the history and temp files
etc... cleaned.

I am trying to find out what is starting when it boots that I may be missing. I
have Wintasks and SysinternalsSuite, which comes with a couple process
monitoring apps, and a app called Start Up List. Also I use performance monitor.
I would like to find an APP that will give me a log file as to what else may be
starting that I could use the process of elimination to see if any app is
causing this. But none of the ones I have give a log file that shows everything
that starts at boot. (that I see).

Not to go to far on a tangent, but what should I have the page file set to?

Current is
Intial: 2000MB Max 3837MB (recomended).
I have read a hundred different rules to this.

I have no idea of what is causing this. I tried a sys restore without any

Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Open up the start menu, find and run the 'run' app. Type msconfig, and go to start up. List everything there that's checked to start up at boot.

    Good on ya for trying to keep a clean system :)

    As for the page file i use system managed. I've tried running it turned off as i have 8gb of RAM but it just causes problems. A lot of apps still NEED the page file for some stupid reason otherwise they freak out. The settings you have there will work fine as well.

    Also have a boo through your services. Using the 'run' app type in services.msc and make sure the extended tab is up. Go through all the started services and turn off and disable ones that don't need to be running. Be sure to google each service that you are unsure of. Do this only after you've checked the start up programs list and have cleaned that up.
  2. when you bring up task manager and the cpu is being used 60-90% what program is using it? it should list it on task manager

    (control-alt del)- task manager.
  3. When using Task manager (which can also be invoked by ctrl-shift-esc), go to the Processes Tab, click on the "CPU" column heading to sort by cpu utiliztion, low to high (zeroes first).

    Click a second time to sort high to low, and the processes using cpu will be shown.
  4. Thanks for all the replies.
    But thats the problem, nothing shows in task manager that is eating CPU.
    The worst is system idle, which from what I have read about it, that is what it does. When it (sys idle) goes down that something is using CPU, and you should be able to see what APP or process, service etc... is at it.

    It stoped doing it and I don't know why. I uninstalled a program called comodo system-cleaner. It was one of the last things I did before it started. I'm not going to install it again just to see if it was the problem.

    Thanks again
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