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i've built a computer using a mobo from an hp pavillion. after installing windows everything works perfectly. my only problem is that, at boot up, a message comes "system fan failure" must have machine serviced, or something to that effect. i can still get into windows after pushing f2, but it's annoying having to wait to push f2 instead of pressing power and walking away from the computer. the cpu fan is brand new AND works perfectly. i've reset the cmos, cleared the bios and then updated the bios. still the same problem. any ideas? could it be because the mobo doesn't recognize the new parts?
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  1. If you know for a fact there are no fan issues, then you can probably check in the bios, there may a setting in the bios where you can disable that message. So I would check the settings there. Also, on updating the bios, that's great if it works. But as a rule, in my experience, if your motherboard is functioning fine, don't flash the bios if it already worked. I know my motherboard needed a bios flash recently because I am wanting to upgrade to a quad core or triple core AMD phenom 2 chip. But the newest bios versions messed up my board, ended up with corrupted data on my hard drive, etc. Fun stuff. Was able to fix that and ended up having to go to another version that was actually stable but still did what I wanted, however it was just old enough that the motherboard manufacturer didn't offer it for download. Thankfully one of the guys here happened to have it on file where he'd downloaded it, and was able to shoot me a link so I could grab it.
  2. thanks for the quick reply, but the stupid bios doesn't have any useful options. it's an asus board specifically created for hp and compaq, and the bios options were obviously designed to prevent tampering, like "we gave you something that works perfectly no need to try and make it run better". computers, it's a love hate relationship.
  3. That's why I like my custom builds, lol.
  4. Have you tried a different 4pin fan?

    I mean, I know your new fan "works perfectly" lol, but . . .
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