DDR2 voltage higher than set?

Hi all,

In my PC i have 2 sticks of DDR2 1066MHz Corsair Dominator 5-5-5-15-2T.

Now this profile can only be achieved by manually setting the DDR2 voltage to 2.1V in the BIOS and it will automatically overclock the rest, which is cool, and fully in line with Corsair's recommendations for these sticks.

Everything works fine, but PC Probe II tells me that the DDR2 Voltage is 2.14V. I know that seems menial, but the .04V means the difference between a blown DRAM chip and a healthy one and since i have just RMA'd 2 faulty sticks clocked at the same settings as above (same make of sticks and everything) i am worried that maybe my voltage controllers (or whatever these things are called) are faulty? Or is it PC Probe overestimating such values?

I'm a tad worried because i do not want to blow these sticks too!

See my profile for system specs, but motherboard is a Crosshair II Formula and PSU is a Xigmatek NRP 1200W.

Thanks for reading.
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  2. Try another voltage reporter, eg CPUID Hardware Monitor, as a crosscheck.

    Dunno if its PC Probe II or your mobo. One thing seems clear - if this set of memory blows, rma the mobo lol.
  3. I have heard that voltage monitor software is very inaccurate. CPUID for me only gives the stock voltages not the real ones on my Mobo for some reason, its the most up to date version and everything. All other voltages seem ok though.
  4. Your bios is what you should trust. I wouldn't worry about the monitoring software. Even if you were at 2.14v you are quite safe. 2.2v is he highest safe value for prolonged use. Though some manufacturers will put them up to 2.3v, DDR2 in general is made to handle it up to 2.2v. As long as your system is perfectly stable you should be fine.


  5. +1 3Ball

    0.04 V doesn't make a difference. Most DDR2 can easily handle 2.2V. My OCZ platinum is guaranteed to run at 2.2V. Corsair is a top RAM manufacturer, so no worries.
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