125% overclock - How long with this processor last?

I have an AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4 GHz stock frequency. If I overclock it to 3.0 GHz, how long do you think the thing will last?

I've had the computer for 5-6 years now so I'm not afraid of blowing up as it isn't worth much

I took the computer itself out of the metal casing to improve air flow, so the ambient "internal temperature" is the same as the room temperature

The CPU is still in its OEM heat sink and fan. But I have 3 household fans pointed at the heat sink running at full blast

I'm doing this OC so I can run 4v4 games on SC2, not because I'm trying to blow up my computer.
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  1. oh and the with in the title is supposed to will
  2. Buy and new PC then see how high you can get the old one good fun experiment :)
  3. That's a 25% overclock, not 125%. Shouldn't hurt it if your temps & voltage are decent
  4. Ahhh, bearclaw beat me to it. A 125% OC would have your system running at 5.4 GHz
  5. I'm sure a 125% OC will be fine.
  6. It will be fine, but I say you go for a 300% overclock and disable thermal throttling, roast some marshmallows and buy a new PC.

    Get the $500 PC from the system builder marathon except with the Phenom II x4 955 since now it's the same cost as the 925.
  7. The speed isn't very important compared to the voltages and temps. Mostly voltage.

    But that's not a big OC my guess would be it still has a lot of life left in it, although it's still outdated and easily surpased by newer, cheap CPUs.
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