Is my HDD failing?

So, I have a regular SATA 3 Gb/s 7200RPM Hard Disk. Everything seems to work fine, but I've had some weird occurrences. A week ago I had a disk check recommended, and I ran it without any problems. It seemed to fix the problem. Starting a couple days ago, I had another disk check recommended, but when the count-down got to 1 second, it just took me to the regular W7 login screen. Then, I noticed that AVG free edition had an error. Many of the features were disabled due to some error in the "AVG database". Another weird "problem" happened when I opened Google Chrome. I got some sort of message about chrome.exe being corrupted, but the program itself opened and seemed to work fine.

Normally, I would just run chkdsk, but it just doesn't work. Whether I right click my drive and select it from tools, or go to the command promit and put in chkdsk /f, I can't get it to run. The computer attempts to initialize it, but once it gets to 1 second, it completely freezes, and and the hard drive stops spinning. I tried waiting an hour; nada. Sometimes I'll skip it (the only way to get into Windows), and it'll try to initialize again, but that doesn't change anything. I reinstalled AVG and Chrome, and I haven't got any problems since, but obviously none of this seems to bode well.

So.. is there any hope? Or will I simply have to go buy another one? Is there any way to get chkdsk to work or any alternative to it?

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    Download the tools from the drive's manufactures website and check the drive.
  2. Alright, using Western Digital Lifeguard Diagnostics, I ran both the Quick and the Extended tests, which both gave a "PASS".
    Does this mean the drives are alright?
  3. Well the drives may be alright... something is fishy...I would download memtest and run it over night.
  4. Alright, will do, but in the meantime, I found one of my files was unable to be deleted due to it being corrupted (error 0x80070570). After having no success trying to bypass Recycle Bin or delete it in Safe Mode, I ran the "Repair Windows" option in the Windows boot menu, and after about half an hour of "repairing Disk Errors", I logged in to see a couple old files back again, a couple new files gone, and the corrupted file was finally deletable.

    I'd hate to jinx anything, and I'll definitely run memtest tonight, but here's hoping it was just a small fluke that's been fixed.
  5. Memtest results were all normal. So far, everything seems back to normal. If it happens again in the near future, I guess I'll just buy another drive.
    Thanks for suggestions here.
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