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im posting this cuz i am currently having trouble playing wow on my gaming rig and havent quite yet found a solution i did have vista home premium 64 bit but wanted xp and switched to windows xp professional x64 ever since then i have been having troubles with my display when gaming i have a vizio 32 java 1080p and it will lose signal alot im not sure if its the card or the moniter i have 2 8800gt aplpha dog editions 512mb in sli ive checked the temps to see if they were overheating and all seems fine i have even disabled sli then i even took one card out just to see if it would work im kinda having alot of trouble with it and keeps getting frustrating i might install vista and xp and go from there maybe my 750i evga doesnt like xp i dont know lol any help would be great and sorry about the grammar i am in a hurry
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  1. why not just create a dual boot and play WoW in Vista?
  2. What do you mean by lose signal?
    I use hdmi on my 47" vizio and I occasionally have to unplug & replug back in my cable on the video card. Happens randomly when I leave the room for a few hours lol.

    You sure you have 1080p enabled in your graphics settings? I know with my 4890 I had to fix all the scaling & allow 1080p@60hz etc etc before it would work right.
  3. i know it sounds stupid but how do i create a dual boot and how do i fix scaling im new to those things i got 2 hard drives it actually ran alot better on vista weird to say in fact but i also bought 2 ultra gpu heatsinks from tigerdirect for my 8800gt and used some arctic silver 5 and now my gpus are at 43c idle wich is really nice
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