Which CPU goes with an Acer Aspire e560?

Quoted below is the conclusion from my tread in graphics, started 09/17.

Now, my question is about the CPU.
From Acer support I've got a list over compatible CPU's. www.zandparts.com/acer/index.php?cPath=303_307_473_29803

However the names on the list does not say me much if I'm going to a non-Acer shop for buying a replacement CPU.

Any ideas?

OK, I take it from the dialogue above that the D915 will bottleneck my system with an HD 4850 and above.
So, then, if I settle with an HD 4850, will it still be worth the hassle and costs to upgrade the CPU? I mean, I do not think I bother, unless I see at least 20% better performance.
Any ideas how much boost to the system a new CPU would give, compared with the stock D915?
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  1. Your best option would be to upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and PSU together.
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