E7500 CPU/ASUS P5G41T-M LE Overclock

I was wondering if people had good results with the BIOS's own Overclock to: 5, 10, 15, 20% settings?

(I am trying the 15% and all seems stable now for a few hours. I am after max benefits - especially on the CPU - without having to get extra cooling options etc.

Been reading lots about OC the last day or two - finding it pretty intimidating.

I have been unable to find a particular solution for this combination of MB and CPU - if somebody saw a guide for it - would be appreciated.)


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    Many E7500's will reach 4 GHz, just not with a G41 motherboard.You will have difficulty reaching past about 3.8 GHz or so because of FSB limitations. It will be difficult to push the FSB freq past about 350 MHz.

    Using stock cooler will limit you to about a 20% overclock.

    After that, you will need a better cooler and you will need to learn how to use the BIOS.
  2. yeah - I'm running it at 3.5MHz with stock cooler now.
  3. kobus999 said:
    yeah - I'm running it at 3.5MHz with stock cooler now.

    hi there,i got a p5g41t-m lx and the most i can overclock with my e7500 is 3.79ghz and i'm using a coolermaster 212 plus cooler,it seems i'm hitting my fsb limit at 333mhz cpu multiplier and my ram fsb at 1333.
  4. That can't be right. E7500 has a X11 internal multiplier. 11 X 333 MHz is "only" 3.663 GHz.
  5. i'm running the cpu multplier at 344mhz to be exact
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