3Gb/s or 6Gb/s

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  1. I'd get the first one. Its cheaper. Performance difference isn't that much, and because these are traditional disks you won't get anywhere near SATA 3.0 speeds let alone 6.0.
  2. SATA 6Gbps only makes a difference for high-end SSDs right now (Crucial C300 and the next gen SSDs).
  3. Agree with Zenthar & 474.., having 6Gb/s on a HD won't make it any faster...

    Something is Recertified because someone else found it didn't work. The factory might have fixed it, or, maybe they just didn't see the problem..... ya never know. The WD Black has a 5 year warranty... a Recertified has ONLY 90 days there's a reason for that...

    I've had great luck with WD, and the Black's are their best....

    If your on a tight budget, get one a bit smaller with the full 5 year warranty....




    Or get a Blue in the size you want... (3 year warranty, slightly slower than Black's...)

  4. If you look at the feedback distribution, the "cheaper one" is actually the one with the best feedback. I've been using a Samsung F4 (green) 2TB drive for a while and I don't regret it.
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