Endless reboot problems on a new build

Hi, I'm putting together a new system (my first build); I've been having problems with an endless reboot (it'll start for about 9 seconds, shut down, and a few seconds later, restart itself, then it'll shut down again and keep on repeating).

At the moment, I just have Gigabyte EP45-UD3P (rev 1.1), Intel Q9550 2.83 GHz CPU, Arctic Cooling Freezer 7, Corsair 750W, and a Cooler Master CM690 case (I have NOT plugged in video cards and memory). The only things plugged in to the motherboard are: CPU_FAN, ATX (24 pin), ATX_12V (8 pin), and connections to the case (power, reset, hd light). I even have the motherboard removed and sitting on an insulated surface in case a short was an issue. I've also removed the case reset connection in case there was a short there. I've also tried removing the battery for several minutes to reset the CMOS. All these checks did not fix the problem.

The only way I can get it to stop the endless reboot is to remove the ATX_12V (8pin) connection, in which case it will start and stay on, but it won't do anything more than that. Clearly, that's not a solution, but maybe it's a symptom that means something to the gurus here?

Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong? Is it a bad motherboard (I hope not!)?
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  1. Actually, yes, I did read that post before starting my build. I checked everything on the checklist, and that post is why I haven't even gotten to the plugging in memory/video card stage; it won't even get to the "beeps" stage. (If you're referring to disconnecting the reset switch, my original post included the fact that I disconnected it- did I miss something else in the post that might help?)
  2. I googled your mb .... but it doesnt appear to exist

    are you sure thats the right model?
  3. Sorry, my bad; it's a typo. It should read Gigabyte EP45-UD3P. I'll edit my original post to correct that.
  4. Uninstall everything .

    install cpu [ plus heatsink ]and ram in the mb

    mount it in the cae and connect the cpu heatsink fan . the two mb power leads , and the power on off and reset switches and front panel leds

    sometimes starting over and checking the connections is all thats needed . I dont like bradboarding outside a case . Seems a bit risky to me .

    Just make sure the stand offs are in the right location in the case , and that ram and cpu sockets are clean and free of dust .
  5. I am guessing that you can not even post to bios at this moment, right? I agree with Outland MB outside of the case bad idea if this is your first system.

    Remove everything, start from scratch make sure that the cpu is properly seated. Check your cpu just in case that you did not bend any pins. Next, connect all the power to the board then the switches. Install just one stick of Ram and your HDD. See how that goes. If all this fails check your PSU get a voltage reader and check what the PSU is giving on the MB power cables.
  6. Thanks for the help! I took everything apart, started from scratch and left everything in the case and had the same problems... Outlander had also suggested installing memory, and that's what made the difference. Once I installed a stick of RAM, the computer was happy and did everything it was supposed to. I've managed to add everything else in without any problems, and am installing Vista 64 now. Woo hoo! As a first time builder, I guess I shouldn't have followed the stickied post that religiously! :)

    I appreciate you guys taking the time to post!
  7. Good job buddy
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