CD rom

CD ROM just stopped working, doesnt read any discs. i click on Drive D and it pops up "D:\ Application not found"

looked in my event log to find this

"The device, \Device\CdRom0, is not ready for access yet."

have no idea what has happened need help
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  1. Can you hear it run when you insert a disk? Have you checked Device Manager to see if it shows up or has the yellow flag?
  2. yes ive checked the device manager it says the driver is properly installed and and it says its up to date.

    I cant hear it but it does run. I can right click on the drive D and eject it that way.

    Its not my cables ive ran 2 - 3 on it. none of them run it.
  3. remove the driver in device manager and reboot .

    if that doesnt fix it then chances are its dead . Theyre cheap
  4. It does sound like it might be dead
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