Sandy Bridge Laptop- SATA 3 ?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if the new Sandy Bridge laptops now on the market have support for SATA 3 6 GB/s ? I know the desktop motherboards do support it natively via the p67/h67 chipset, but do the Sandy Bridge laptops have the same support ?

I'm interested because I will want to get a Vertex 3 or some other SATA 3 SSD for my future laptop (which will be based on SB).

Thanks for your help !
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  1. You are correct. All desktop Sandy Bridge motherboards are SATA III (6 Gb/s) capable. You would think it would be the same for laptop pc's.

    The easiest thing to do is check the specifications of laptops that you might consider purchasing. You can usually find detailed specifications at the manufacturer's web site.
  2. So I guess not all the laptop Sandy Bridge chipsets support SATA 3 ? I was thinking of buying a MacBook Pro, but Apple doesn't say anything on is website...
  3. I don't know. I am not familiar with laptops. Hopefully one of the other veterans that is familiar with laptops will be able to answer your question.
  4. So, veterans, please help me if you know anything about my question !

    Thank you!
  5. The sandy bridge architecture incorporates 2 x sata 6gb/s interfaces.

    Yes, anything with a sandybridge chip should have at sata 3.0

    It is, of course, possible to build a computer using only the sata 2 functionality but... nobody would. In fact there is some speculation that the intel 510 ssd was designed for fast sequential read and write in order to showcase the chips 'new' sata 3 ports which would be required in order to see the amazing speed of these ssds.

    Hope that helps answer your question.
  6. With a little search I found in the wiki has the chipsets you (and me) are looking for. These are:
    QM67 and QS67
    now I just need to find a laptop with these :D
    Thanks for the "expert's help" everybody :na: :na: :na:
  7. Do you have at lest 2:
    Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G-263161.5TBnkk LX.RJ202.029
    ASUS’ G73SW: Now with Sandy Bridge

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