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I am looking for a new monitor, I had a chimei 22" widescreen monitor that for the 2 years I had worked great, but it recently has backlight issues and looks like I will need a new one. I was wondering what would be the best monitor around 20-22 inchs widescreen. I am looking for high resolution, good for games, and semi good for photos etc. I can't spend much though, no more then $170.
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  1. Are these monitors have longevity? That is my old monitor only lasted 2 years, how is quality of asus and acer?
  2. The ASUS, ACER are very good ones...they give 3 years warranty to their monitors...

    Or go with Dell...they have 3 years Premium panel warranty on all of their models, which can be extended to 5 years...
  3. Here is a Samsung at Dell.com and once you add it to the cart it goes down to $149 (normally $280). Pretty good deal for a full HD, 23 inch widescreen monitor.

  4. Out of curiosity - because I had never seen a Dell price change just by adding it to the cart - I tried that and it did NOT change. Does not make sense that it would anyway since why cut the price 30% AFTER someone has already committed to buying it. Are you coming from some link that adds a discount coupon code to the link?

    Update: It appears that offer has expired. Dell does frequently discount the prices of select monitors - both its own and third party vendors - by significant amounts. Many are reported at techbargains, which is a good site to watch for deals on computer components in general and monitors in particular, Here is the link for monitors:


    At the bottom of the page are links to separate pages for other components.
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