I play at 1024*768 resolution because its the highest my monitor supports. Please tell me an Ati HD 4670 will be fine for me to play at that resolution . Will i be able to play crisis , GTA 4 , upcoming splinter cell conviction , Max Payne 3, and Alan wake.

Other specification
Intel core 2 duo E7400 2.8GHz
3 GB DDR2 667MHz
Intel DG45ID motherboard

please help
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  1. that's what i am not asking please help!
  2. Yes you should be able to play those games @ that resolution...Maybe push your budget more and get HD 4850 for $20 more, which can even handle higher resolutions better incase you change your monitor...

    And @Successful_troll not everyone would be as lucky as you to own a 30" monitor with exotic graphics solution to satisfy their needs...
  3. An HD 4670 will be more than enough for 1024X768.
    Proccy is good too.Those games will run fine.
  4. But can you tell what PSU you have?
  5. You can play crysis with good fps but for GTA 4 I don’t think so because GTA 4 need quad core in order to perform well.
  6. My PSU is the one which came with my system. I don't know the manufacturers name but it is 300 watt.
  7. A 4670 is probably all your 300W PSU can handle, but I'm guessing from your post that you already have it; the question concerns your MONITOR.
    I think you will be satisfied with your graphics performance at that resolution. As Michaelmk86 pointed out though, CPU performance may be low for some titles, like GTA4. For anything else, I wouldn't worry about it. Have fun.
  8. For 74.99 you can get a 9600gt =\
  9. Yeah, you should be fine at that resolution with a 4670. Even at that res though you will have to use mostly medium settings for Crysis. The other games should run on it with above medium settings just fine. As a fan of the original two Max Paynes, I'm not too happy with the direction this third one seems to be taking, but I guess we'll see.
  10. $75 should be able to get you a 4830, equal to a 9800GT
  11. Bluescreendeath said:
    $75 should be able to get you a 4830, equal to a 9800GT

    But then he also has to upgrade his PSU........
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