AMD overdrive

I've got tired of finding out why my cpu runs hot.
So I looked for a way to setting my clock/voltage rate that it could run fast and cool.

As my bios is fu.kcd and there is no way to change multiplier or vcore voltage. I must use amd overdrive to setting my cpu.
But I can't find how to save those settings that they load when I startup my pc.

I think I'll use 17,5(3,5ghz) or 18x(3,6) multiplier 200mhz HT and somwhere 1.30-1.35voltage.

But still, how to create some kind of profile or something like that. Because this software doesn't have an option to run on startup.
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  1. Why you don't use bios, oc via bios better than software oc, many setting in bios need disabled for stability overclok. You can oc step by step untill get maximum , of course alway,s keep temperature below 55C when fulload stress tes.
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