my hp pavillion pc configuration is
PentiumD 820 (S) DC 2.8 GHz
800 MHz front side bus
motherboard name: Asterope2-GL8E
Chipset X200
2 GB DDR2 ram 667Mhz
Hard drive 160 GB SATA 7200 rpm
GeForce 7300LE 64 MB DDR memory
300W HIPRO smps

I am going to buy a 460/500 W good branded smps
I was thinking of buying a palit radeon 4850 512 Mb
Will this card work in my pc?
Are there any other issues i need to look at?
Does the card 4850 gets its power supply form my motherboard or do i need to connect a six pin connector also to it from the smps?
Are there any heating problems?
I live in india and the dealer is offering me the card for around $100(RS 5000). is the price ok..

I am planning to run most of the fps and the rpg at 1600x1200 with 4x AA and 8x AF on a 19" hp monitor like
last remnant, gears of war 2 stalker clear sky cod5,6 etc

for a power supply should i look for the wattage or the current rating on 12V rail.
does the benchmark results shoe the watts used by the gpu at man or by the whole computer b,coz as such my all 3 pci 1x slots are full +2DVD writer AND 3 fans are there
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  1. Is the case a normal tower or slimline?
    The motherboard has a single PCI-E X16 slot, so it will accept the HD4850, but a slimline case will not because the card is too large.
    The HD4850 requires a single 6-pin PCI-E power lead to work.
    Heating is the main issue, even in cool countries the HD4850 can run hot, can you link to the card you have in mind so we can see what cooler it has?
    The price seems fair.
    Keep the AA low or off, it can have a very severe impact on frame rates.
    Look for amps on the 12v rail: At 500W a total of over 30A would be about right.
    Can you link to the PSU you have in mind?
  2. i dont have the link for the psu and the gpu .
    it is from a local wholesale distributor/retailer.
    i will bring the specs from the dealer

    it is a normal case. this is the link you can view it here

    also i have coolermaster heat sink and there are 3 other fans also
    whats the matter with AA or AF.

    for the SMPS here is a link

    for GFX here is a link
    tis will be the card coming my dealer told me with all accessories and everything shown in the link
  3. on benchmarks and all it is written 300w on full load of the gfx. is 300w for gpu only or the whole pc
  4. the dealer gives 1yr full warranty +2yrs extended warranty on that PALIT card

    presently i have a HIPRO smps of 300W with 19A on 12V rail will that be enough
  5. I think the case is OK, should be large enough.
    The power supply you linked to is not suitable it is an old design and may not have the correct motherboard connectors, I suggest you look elsewhere for a better unit.
    The video card is also a concern: Its cooler pumps the heat back into the case and will cause heating problems, unless the room your computer is in is air conditioned or you run the system with the side off.
  6. the dealer gives 1yr full warranty +2yrs extended warranty on that PALIT card

    presently i have a HIPRO smps of 300W with 19A on 12V rail will that be enough

    any ways to overclock my cpu from 2.83GHz
  7. i have a proper air conditioning in my room (i.e 1.5 tonne split ac)and there are three fans in my cpu anfh one heatsink with fan of coolermaster.
  8. OK, I was just a little concerned, the HD4850 you linked to can run hot, as I said and in a hot country it can be a real problem so I was going to suggest this type of cooler:


    It exhausts its heat out of the case. Much better, but if you think the case is ventilated well enough, go for the card you linked to.
    No, a 300W powersupply is not enough.
    Please post any responses in your other thread:

  9. thanks for the help coozie7
  10. how much amperes should i look for on the smps on12v rail for 4850
  11. There are 4850 that runs at 46C idle in single card mode. The Asus TOP 4850 is one of those... but in crossfire they run at 60C idle >:/
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