Please help overclocking my q6600 again

Hello dear members. A few years ago I think I wanted to overclock my CPU. I did some research back then and found some stable settings. Now, I bought new ram (1066mhz) and I can't get some new settings to work (first I had 800mhz).

Standard I have these settings:

The settings I normally always used where these (don't know it was even good)

But I can't get it to launch. Right after my boot screen it immediately shuts down. Currently my vcore is set to 1.475 and I tried raising some other voltages too because I red this. Probably the system memory multiplier is not correct, and some other stuff also maybe. Please help me a little bit with what I'm doing wrong
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  1. There's a good chance that it is your memory settings. Take the memory settings off Auto and set your System Memory Multiplier to 2.0.

    You should be able to run at 3.0 GHz (333 X 9) with litle or no voltage increase with the stock cooler. you should be able to run at 3.33 GHz (367 MHz x 9) with no problems.

    You did not say what your VID is, but 1.475 volts, while within Intel's recommended limits, seems high to me.
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